Posted on July 16, 2013

What the Reviewers Are Saying:

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About The Mosaic Artist

“This is an exceptionally well-crafted novel, a delicate story, and a fine exploration of divorce, forgiveness, happiness, and loss. The relationships between the characters are thoughtfully constructed, and Ward’s decision to alternate among points of view provides an invaluable window to character growth and evolution.” –Publishers Weekly

“Ward deftly portrays the psychological dynamics of this broken family. This contemplative novel shows that the damage of divorce can endure for decades, but sometimes it can be resolved satisfactorily. Readers will find the book engrossing, as well as enlightening.”–ForeWord Clarion

“Building layer upon layer of each family member’s story, Ward shows the complexity of divorce from all sides, even revisiting Jack’s thoughts throughout the book. Mark and Shelley are faced with what to do with the lake house and whether to shed the hurt caused by their father’s choices by making new choices for themselves to gain happiness, peace and, ultimately, freedom. A rich, complex novel that mixes art and life into a story about the decisions that lead to healing or hurt.” –Kirkus

About Hunger

“Simple recipes for meals and marriages add charm to this first novel…Like Anna’s cooking, Ward’s style is simple and direct, with carefully selected enhancements. Childhood memories, such as young Anna taking refuge from her parents’ overcooked meals in a neighbor’s kitchen, or adult nightmares, like the dinner party that inevitably ends in a fight, show a keen sense of detail.” –Publishers Weekly

“In this lyrical debut novel, Jane Ward examines the complications of family life and proves that food is love. HUNGER offers up a mouthwatering array of delicacies that will satisfy the palate and still leave readers hungry for more.” –Mameve Medwed, author of The End of an Error and How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

About Food and Fiction

“The most mouthwatering posts come from Jane Ward…whose Food and Fiction blog offers recipes and photos…Ward’s recipe for couscous with corn, scallions and fresh red currants also caused a bit of a currant frenzy. She goes deeper too. Her daughter’s exasperation with a steady diet of blog-featured vegetables led to (a) post about the mother-daughter dynamic.” –Joel Brown, Boston Globe Correspondent, author of “Food Bloggers Feast on Local Produce,” August 1, 2010