The Mosaic Artist

When Jack Manoli passes away, he leaves to the two children of his first marriage his beloved cottage. The events that unfold at this time are told from four different perspectives: the lives of Jack, his second wife Sylvie, and his children Mark and Shelley. In order to heal, Mark and Shelley must come to understand themselves—and their family—in a new light, setting in motion a cathartic transformation as old family secrets and deep-seated wounds are quickly torn open, leaving everyone left behind to come to terms with their lives and move forward.

An intricate, delicately balanced story of a family in pieces, The Mosaic Artist is an absorbing, Rashomon-style story, examining the different points of view that make up a whole. Once again examining complex characters adrift in emotional waters, Jane Ward’s second novel is a roiling storm, eventually settling into quiet acquiescence and peace for the essence of family, and the nature of love and loss.

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Anna Rossi grew up in a home where every meal was poorly cooked and flavorless. Now, years later, a gifted cook, she finds her own appetite draining away as her marriage dissolves into blandness.

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